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Lelit Bianca in action

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

After using the Lelit Bianca for a few months, I have grown to appreciate all the subtle beauty and refinement that is Bianca. It is truly a class above her competitors: 1) The DEFINING feature of course is the paddle-controlled flow rate adjustment. It directly affects the brew pressure during extraction. This will significantly widen the range of extraction. 2) PID-ed controlled of its' steam and brew boiler. Temperature is very stable, the hallmark of a good espresso machine and certainly the primary variable in good coffee extraction. 3) A commercial grade rotary pump that allows you to plumb-in the machine if you wished.

4) Water tank on the outside and can be placed on different sides of the machine. The default is at the back. The option to change the position on the tank placement meant that user have more flexibility as to where to put in on a potentially tight-spaced kitchen counter. More than that, being outside it's main body meant that you can easily check and refill water without the need to remove cups from the top of the machine, unlike machines from other brands. And if you ever choose to plumb-in the Lelit Bianca, you can totally remove the water tank and the footprints will be even smaller.

5) Aesthetic & Accessories: Everything is beautiful and refined. Comes with a double-spouted and a naked portafilter with wooden handle, a lovely stainless steel tamper and even an EXTRA smaller-hole steam-tip. And to make sure you keep Bianca shiny, they even throw in a high quality microfiber wiping clothe. What more is there to ask for?

6) The sound of silence. Oh yes, this is one of the most quiet Home Professional Machine I've ever met. Like all the features above, it exudes the refinement of a lady of substance. There is no need to SHOUT. It quietly and gently performs. Even in an environment when she was needed to brew 100 cups of coffee for a special event. It is done without a fuss.

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