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Lelit Bianca: Slayer-like slow extraction

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Where to find a super professional home espresso machine that does not break the bank:

Enter the Lelit Bianca.

For a serious home barista, what is our wish list of features we want on your home espresso machine? It usually something along these lines:

1. Double Boiler with PID for temperature stability and control. - The double boiler gives you the temperature stability with the PID gives you control over what temperature settings to brew your espresso. You want 91C for a certain beans and 93C for another? Set them as you wish. 2. Make espresso and froth milk without wait time in between - It’s either a double boiler or a heat-exchanger machine. A single boiler will not do unless you are only making one to two cups, the wait time is too long for a small party. 3. Last 7 to 10 years and beyond - Quality metal and stainless steel that DOES NOT RUST. We have seen many poorer brands with poor metal frames that rusted, plastic that melts and deformed over time and cheap internal pipings that are prone to leaking.

4. Beautiful and ergonomic designs - While aesthetic may not be necessary for a good tasting cup of coffee, who would enjoy looking at an ugly-looking machine day in day out? And if you are going to invest in a machine that will last you many years, you would want a machine that compliments your beautiful kitchen. We all recognized something that is well-designed instead of something being put together just for the sake of functionalities.

5. Going to the next level of espresso extraction

- YES, it’s the espresso. After temperature stability, the next most sought after control in espresso brewing is pressure control. We yearn for the ability to control the water flow-rate and in effect, the variable brewing pressure while we attempt to extract the best from our carefully curated fresh roasted beans.

The Lelit Bianca fulfills the dream requirements of the Home Barista.

Email us for more details.

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