Costa Rican Tarrazu

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Costa Rican Tarrazu

  • "Often called one of the world's finest coffees, and rightfully so. You'll enjoy an unusually silky flavor, with a full well-balanced body, and a superb aroma that creates a wonderfully eloquent, complex profile. Master roasted to a medium-dark colour. The optimal way for you to experience the full elegance and richness of this fine gourmet coffee."


    Some of the best coffee in the country comes from these high elevation, organically rich soil region.


    This is a very fairly priced coffee well suited to light and dark roasting due to its brightness in the cup and hardness of the bean.


    The Costa Rican Tarrazu is smooth, sweet, consistent and very well balanced. It is a bright, clean tasting coffee with medium body, fruitiness and slightly dry aftertaste.Often described as rich, medium bodied, silky in taste with slight fruity aroma, it is exceptional when roasted to perfection and perfect for consumption any time of the day. It has the perfect balance of body, aroma and flavour. It is further distinguished by its distinct smokiness and mild acidity.