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Espresso vs. Coffee Beverages

Which is more important?

How do one view espresso in a café setting? While openly, no café in the third wave settings will say they do not focus on espresso, it is entirely uncommon for any café to have espresso order exceeds 10%. Most would dipped below 3% as an estimate. And for that reason, many cafés under-prioritized the espresso making process. Some, totally don’t care about espresso at all.

In our café, the brewing of espresso is one of the top priority EVEN when orders of espresso is in the low percentage. A properly calibrated grinder (we use the excellent Anfim On-demand SP450) paired with a capable espresso machine (we use VBM espresso machines), a reliable digital scale and properly monitored brewing temperature are the crucial tools to ensure a quality-approved espresso is brewed by all coffee beverages. Oh yes, quality-approved coffee and espresso do not get brewed on their own (maybe some day they will). A professionally trained Barista is a MUST.

Our Signature Menu: Chilled Latte

All our top favourites among customers: Americano, Chilled Latte, Iced-latte, Latte and Affogato are directly related to our properly calibrated espresso. But some would ask, “is it because of the location?”. Would that determine the requirements of customers? Would a café in Subang Jaya (USJ 21/11) or a café in Bangsar or a café in Cheras be different in customers’ expectation of the espresso?

I would say to a certain extent, yes. Demographic does have some roles to play. Some areas, customers do not like their coffee or espresso to be acidic. Some don’t like if their espresso is bitter but some actually likes them a bit on the bitter side. Some likes them fruity and some likes their espresso earthy. And some horror of horrors like them burnt and ashy. But mostly these are the influence of the bean itself and how they are roasted. Be happy that you do not need to please every preference nor should you. Regardless of the beans and roasting profile, proper calibration during brewing or extraction of espresso will bring out the best in them.

At MyEspresso Café, we like our coffee with a little bright acidity balanced with a little sweet caramel and toasty nuttiness with a slight hint of bitterness.

We can’t please everyone though. Burnt ashy taste we cannot fulfilled. But fear not. At MyEspresso Café, we have tasty NON-COFFEE as well. We serve some of the best tea and chocolate drink as well. Own-made yogurt, pistachio latte and KF Chan approved cakes will ease the minds of those who wanted more than just coffee.

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