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The Lelit MaraX

Lelit MaraX, an espresso machine designed for home baristas. With the MaraX, anyone can make espresso as good as a professional barista. The machine is known for the match of simplicity and professionalism. It has been on the market for quite some time now and has left many baristas a good impression, myself included. So, what is so unique about this machine, you may ask. Well, here are some key features of the MaraX you should know before investing in one.

i. Double Probe System

  • Keeps the brew temperature constant

  • Both the heat exchanger and steam temperature are measured simultaneously

○ To allow the machine to adapt to the brewing process

○ To reach the right brewing temperature in only 24 minutes. (Fast warm-up)

  • Solves the inconvenience of traditional heat exchanger (known as HX) machines

○ Extremely long heating time

○ The group tends to be overheated due to the unstable heat balance

ii. Temperature Management

  • Brew Temperature Priority Mode

○ No flushing needed

○ Switchable brew temperature

  • Steam Temperature Priority Mode

○ Works just like a regular HX machine

iii. Silent

  • Compared to a standard vibration pump machine, the MaraX is considered the quietest one.

iv. Stainless Steel Construction

  • Stainless Steel Boiler

  • Brushed Stainless Steel Body

v. Technical Setup

  • Water tank with a 2.5 litre capacity

  • Dimensions: width x depth x height: 22cm x 41cm x 35cm

  • Boiler heating element: 1300W

  • Power: 230V 50 Hz – 120V 60Hz

  • Weight: 18 kg

  • Power: 230V 50 Hz – 120V 60Hz

  • Power saving mode is automatically on when the machine is not in use for a long time

vi. Accessories in the Box

  • LELIT58 portafilter with coffee slide spout

  • LELIT58 filter basket holding 9-11 grams

  • LELIT58 filter basket holding 14-18 grams

  • LELIT58 filter basket holding 18-21 grams

  • LELIT58 blind filter basket

  • Raiser for espresso cup

  • A water softener resin filter

  • A drain tray with a self-cleaning grate

  • Stainless steel tamper with a red wooden handle

  • Plastic spoon for coffee powder

  • Small brush for group cleaning

  • First cleaning kit

The Lelit MaraX will definitely be essential for every coffee lover during this lockdown. Bring home one and let it be part of your morning routine!

Feel free to drop us a comment or message if you have any queries.


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