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The Generation Hand Grinder

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

They said that coffee beans must be ground right before brewing to not lose the beans' flavour and aroma, which is true. The question is should you get an electric grinder or manual hand grinder? Well, continue reading to find out more!

I think that using a hand grinder, you can get the job done and get to enjoy the process of it. The experience is different compared to when you’re using an electric grinder. Additionally, I believe most home baristas don’t normally brew up at 10 cups a day at home, do they? Having a coffee grinder at home is certainly convenient and efficient, but what if you want something small and portable for travelling? That’s when the hand grinder come in handy.

I believe you have already seen the title of this post (or else you wouldn’t have clicked in), The Generation Hand Grinder. This hand grinder deserves a shout out as it’s one of the affordable manual grinders with good quality that will amaze you. It comes with a 38mm conical burr and you can either opt for titanium coated burr or carbon steel burr. Of course, the one coated with titanium will be slightly more expensive at RM330 and the carbon steel one at only RM270 (at time of writing). Its body is made of aluminium with an anti-slip silicone sleeve and a wood knob that eases the grinding process. Other than that, to ensure the consistency of the grind size and a smooth and stable grinding experience, it is built with dual bearing. With that being said, you can literally grind about 18g of beans in less than 45 seconds, which is considered fairly fast comparing to other hand-grinders.

This grinder grinds perfectly for all kinds of brewing methods including espresso, and to emphasize, most hand grinders with this price range (<RM400) can't grind for espresso, based on my experience. Honestly, I would prefer having the hand grinder for home brewing because it doesn't take up much space and it's incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Not to mention, it's small enough to fit in my luggage too if I were to bring it to travel. Of course, if your budget allows, an electric grinder would be absolutely more efficient at home. All in all, I would recommend getting the Generation hand grinder if you're looking for something inexpensive and if you don't mind a little arm workout!


Here are some videos for your reference:

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